Rik Maki has been sketching ever since he was a small boy living in Vancouver Canada. With no formal art training, Rik took his lessons from the artists who inspired him including the Dean of Sports Illustrators Willard Mullin, and noted Australian-born editorial cartoonist Lew Saw, as well as the creators of Mad Magazine.

    Preferring to call himself a quick sketch artist, Rik began his professional career as a freelance cartoonist and advertising illustrator working for the National Film Board of Canada before coming to America in 1978. He has spent the past 18 years principally with the Walt Disney Studios designing characters for such contemporary animated classics as THE LION KING, ATLANTIS, A BUGS LIFE, HERCULES, TARZAN, TREASURE PLANET, and FINDING NEMO. 

    Maki had a previous career as a minor league baseball pitcher - a passion that still lives in his sketches and portraits of the great ballplayers who inspired him as a young man.

    Surrounded by technology and affectionately known as Mr. Old School, Rik Maki just keeps on drawing...and drawing, and drawing, and drawing.

Rik Maki
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