In 1965, Bob Schaefer started his career at Hanna-Barbera designing titles for numerous TV Series/Specials and Industrial Films. He’s designed record album covers, logos and corporate collateral material. His career expanded when he began painting scenic backgrounds at Hanna-Barbera, notably THE JETSON’S MOVIE and on the TV series SCOOBY DOO and other TV series.

    In 1972, he moved on to Bakshi-Krantz to work on the movie THE NINE LIVES OF FRITZ THE CAT.

    In 1985, he was asked to join the team at the newly formed Marvel Productions where he did background design and painting for THE TRANSFORMERS, MUPPET BABIES, GI JOE, BIKER MICE FROM MARS and KILLER TOMATOES.

    Bob then left Marvel to go to Universal Cartoon Studios to work on the sequels of LAND BEFORE TIME II, III, and IV.  Completing this fun project dove-tailed into a real adventure with the Mouse Factory.

    In 1994, Bob was asked to work on Disney’s first Action Adventure TV Series: THE GARGOYLES.  He worked on this project for over two years and then continued on to work on MIGHTY DUCKS before starting his most challenging project LADY AND THE TRAMP II.  This film/video was his transition to the digital world. As an Art Director it was important to keep intact the integrity of the original film and still incorporate new elements in the sequel. Completing this difficult project Bob segued to JUNGLE BOOK II, utilizing more digital techniques. This was the first project that was about half hand-painted and the other half digital.

    Completing this video he moved on to work on Disney’s first 3-D Video: TWICE UPON A CHRISTMAS.

    Rounding out his stay at Disney, he digitally painted backgrounds for FOX AND THE HOUND. He also worked on CINDERELLA III.

    Bob has studied at the Art Center College of Design, Otis Art Institute, UCLA Extension and CSUN. With over 30+ years experience designing titles, logos, album covers and painted backgrounds. Bob is well equipped to paint both traditionally and digitally on any assignment.


    Bob is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and is a participating artist to the United States Air Force Art Program.

Bob Schaefer